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Singapore Tourism Board Approved
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Singapore Tourism Board Approved

Eat, Pray, Love@Balestier: A half-day walking tour of Balestier

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SingapoRediscovers Vouchers to be applied at checkout page. Please note that bookings involving the use of SingapoRediscovers Vouchers are non-refundable and non-resellable.

Please note that bookings involving the use of SingapoRediscovers Vouchers are non-refundable and non-resellable.

Affectionately known as the little red dot, Singapore is a brilliantly designed juxtaposition of impressive skyscrapers amongst abundant lush greenery. Beyond having the world's best airport and being a shopping paradise, Singapore is a "rojak" of different cultures where people proudly retain their unique heritage and identity while harmoniously living together.

In this collaborative effort by The Volunteer Switchboard and Quotient Travel, reach into the soul of this modern marvel with no natural resources by turning your attention to how its people eat, pray and love. Take an insightful stroll with your very own storyteller to unearth shared aspirations and values of Singaporeans, and immerse in heart-warming acts of integrity, compassion, courage, respect and gratitude that are tucked away in unassuming corners of Singapore.

Eat, Pray, Love in Singapore – 2.5-Hour Private Walking Tour in Balestier
Ask locals about Balestier and the first thing they will probably mention is the amazing makan places – chicken rice (both halal and non-halal), bak kut teh, tandoori and so on. They might also point out that Balestier is a one-stop for well-priced lighting equipment and bathroom accessories. There's more to this quaint neighbourhood than these accolades, of course! On this private walking tour in Balestier, learn how ordinary folks forged on in the olden times to leave legacies we're immensely proud of, and just how committed we are to keeping those traditions alive!

Along the way, your personal guide and storyteller will delve into the importance of food in our Asian culture – from a basic need to a way to earn a living since the mid-1800s, to its significant role in multiculturalism in Singapore. Surely, it's the sticky rice that binds everyone together! No wonder UNESCO describes Singapore's hawker centres as "community dining rooms' where people from diverse backgrounds gather and share the experience of dining over breakfast, lunch and dinner".

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